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Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala – May 2010

Questions & Answers…

 15/01/2016 – Anna from Finland

I would like to ask some kind of tips to New Zealand. Is there some places we should see and something to avoid? Any nice tips for hostels? And for work?

New Zealand…everywhere is nice in New Zealand, I can not think of a particularly bad part of the country. Everybody raves about the South Island, and you will see why once you arrive. Queenstown is great for adventures like bungee-jumping, canyon swing, and snow-boarding. Although very expensive. If you would like to get a bit off-the-beaten-track in New Zealand, then visit Stewart Island, where if you are lucky, you may see the Southern Lights, and kiwis in the wild. I think the North Island is pretty cool too though. Wellington is a great little city. At Lake Taupo you can play golf into the lake, and have a day trip to do a hike on Tongariro Crossing which i highly recommend. Rotarua has the tourist Maori culture spots, and a lot of thermal activity which makes it smell. The Black Water Rafting in Waitomo is unique and great fun. Auckland is the biggest city, and is a good place for day trips to places such as Waikiki Island and Rangitoto Island.
 For work, places to rent, and stuff for sale, everything in New Zealand revolves around I found my work in Auckland, using the recruitment agency, Madison Recruitment.
The cheapest way to get around New Zealand, and the cheapest way to get hostels, is through You can get bus journeys for as low as $1, and hostel beds for as low as $10. Expect a hostel bed to normally be around $30, with discounts for longer stays. Some specific hostels to try, are Flaming Kiwi Hostel in Queenstown, Tasman Bay Backpackers in Nelson, and probably Base Backpackers in Auckland due to central location, there are some smelly long-termers there though.
I hope that covers all of your questions? Don’t be stressed by New Zealand, its all fine once you are there, just make sure your hiking boots are very clean upon entry.

Playing golf into Lake Taupo, New Zealand – October 2011