How To Deal With Snorers

Here are ways that I have dealt with snorers in the past (when headphones just don’t do enough), and one that I would like to try, and the results…

1. Tip water over them = he didn’t notice.

2. Steal their pillow from under their head = this worked temporarily, and was the same guy as number 1.

3. Stick a glow-stick up their nostril. However, be careful as the fright might (did) make him shoot forward, forcing the glow-stick even further up his nose = this worked, and was so funny I couldn’t sleep anymore because of having the giggles.

4. If you are in a twin room, and the beds are close together, roll over in your sleep and smack them in the face with your hand. I did this accidentally and was told I did this in the morning = this apparently worked very well, as he couldn’t get back to sleep. This gave me the idea for number 5.

5. If you are in a twin room, and the beds are further apart, grab your pillow to extend your reach, and use it to smack the snorer around the face, then quickly put pillow back and pretend to be asleep before he realises what has hit him = this worked incredibly well, and left me satisfied as he laid there and swore aloud, before I managed to get some sleep.

6. Shouting out loud = I imagine that to any normal human being, that this work. However, it didn’t, and it led me to do number 7.

7. If the snorer is sleeping next to the dorm room door, then open the door and slam it shut, repeatedly until successful = this was only partially successful, as the guy only woke up temporarily, where I told him he was snoring and to please be quiet, he said “I don’t snore”, and continued with his sleep, and his snoring.

8. Shake the bed = various results, some wake up confused and stop snoring, others don’t even break the stride in their snoring.

9. Tip them off the bed, this would be funnier if they are on the top bunk = I admit I’ve never tried this, but is now on the to-do list.

10. Complain about it on Facebook = this never works, but gives you something to do while you lay their sleepless, and you’ll have friends/family awake in a different time zone to moan about it too.

Travellings 05107

The snoring culprit, and victim in No. 4 and 5. Here he is passed out on the boat after a Full Moon Party in 2010