48 Hours In Gothenburg, Sweden

27/08/2016 to 29/08/2016

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second city after Stockholm and sits on the West coast. I have wanted to visit the city for quite some time, after hearing good things. I made the most of a UK Bank Holiday weekend to finally visit. Here is how I spent a budget weekend in expensive Sweden…

Saturday 27th August 2016

After landing on time in Göteborg Landvetter Airport (£30 return using Ryanair), I caught the airport shuttle bus into the city centre bus station (£16 return booked online). I then walked through the city centre towards my hostel (£45 for 2 nights at Linné Hostel). I stopped briefly on the way to appreciate a band playing in the centre.


13:03 – A welcome into Gothenburg

After freshening up at my hostel, I got my priorities straight and headed to the pub to watch the Liverpool match at The Queen. This is where the Liverpool Supporters CLub watches the games in Gothenburg, so it was appropriately covered in flags and scarves, and full of Liverpool shirts. Unfortunately the score was only 1-1, and I only managed to catch the last 30 minutes. The cost of the beer wasn’t as disastrous as I imagined, at around £3, I had read that anything over 3.5% alcohol is what gets taxed a lot and pushes up the price.


14:52 – Tottenham v Liverpool at The Queen


15:23 – Liverpool Supporters club at The Queen

I had a walk around the city centre, to get my bearings and search for some food. My first stop was Feskekôrka (Fish Church in Swedish), and you can see below that it is designed like a church. Unfortunately it closed at 3pm as it is a Saturday, and didn’t open on Sunday or Monday, the other days I am in Gothenburg, so I could only see the outside, and didn’t have the chance to sample the fish served. I continued to stroll, and passed Domkyrkan Goteburg (Gothenburg Cathedral), and saw some familiar streets from my trip to my hostel. I found some cheap (for Sweden) food, and headed back before an evening explore.


15:46 – Feskekorka, a fish market in the style of a church


15:48 – Statues outside of the fish market


16:06 – Domkyrkan Goteburg (Gothenburg Cathedral)


16:51 – A view of the river surrounding the centre of Gothenburg

I had a short evening walk, as I was tired from my early departure from England. I mainly walked the same area as earlier, and trying to find somewhere affordable to eat. I had an early night to recuperate and plan for my full day in the city the following day.


20:09 – River and fish market in the evening


20:38 – Oscar Fredrik Church

Sunday 28th August 2016

Being on a budget, my whole time was spent exploring the city by foot. My full day would be the same, exploring different areas.

I started with a neighbourhood close to where I was staying, Haga. Haga is an old neighbourhood, that has been gentrified and is now popular for its cafes. The older buildings have the first floor built from brick, and the upper floors made from wood. I stopped for breakfast at Cafe Husaren, known the be the inventor of the Haga bun, a form of cinnamon bun. I was surprised at the price of the Haga bun, costing me nearly £5, but it was the size of my face. It was large enough for breakfast and lunch, and enjoyable.


8:48 – An example of a brick ground floor, and wooden on the pedestrian street of Haga


9:01 – Hagabulle (Haga bun), a cinnamon bun large enough for breakfast and lunch


9:39 – Samhallsvetenskapligabiblioteket (library)

I continued my walking tour towards the Lilla Bommen harbour area North of the city centre, and saw the harbour, Opera House, and Lappsiftet (The Lipstick Building). Here I relaxed and read my book, before getting rained off for a few hours.


10:11 – Statue in the harbour area


10:14 – Lappstiftet, known as The Lipstick Building


10:31 – The Goteburg Opera

I planned to spend the afternoon exploring and relaxing the largest park in Gothenburg city, called Slottsskogen. The weather had dried up a bit so I walked to the park, but the weather ruined my plans, and it started raining heavily. I then cowered underneath a tree in the park, reading, and eating the last of my cinnamon role. After a while, I moodily walked through the rain to a coffee shop. Drinking coffee in Gothenburg is a past-time, known locally as ‘fika’, to drink coffee, chat and snack. I discovered Soulstore, a coffee-shop-cum-music bookstore, to pass some time while avoiding the rain.


13:37 – A police station in Slottsskogen


13:39 – Slottsskogen in the rain

At dinner time, I ventured to Avenyn,to sample some traditional Gothenburg street food, which is difficult to come by. I ate at Jonsborg on corner of  Kungsportavenyn and Engelbrektsgatan, and ordered sausage, with mash potato and shrimp salad (£5).


18:11 – Dinner off sausage, mash potato and shrimp salad at Jonsborg on Avenyn


18:53 – A viewpoint discovered as I walked of dinner, and in search of dessert

Monday 29th August 2016

After a hot-dog for breakfast, I walked to Kungsportsavenyn, which is commonly shortened to Avenyn. Avenyn is to Gothenburg, what Champs Elysees is to Paris, a wide boulevard in the centre of the city, with a combination of restaurants, shops and tourist sights. 


8:48 – Hot-dog for breakfast


9:47 – Avenyn


10:01 – Statue of Poseidon, Avenyn


10:03 – View of Avenyn from Gotaplatsen


10:12 – Non-violence gun sculpture on Avenyn

My last port of call for my weekend in Gothenburg, and my last Swedish Kronor was spent on sampling a local fish dish. I ate at Strommingsluckan, a food cart in the city centre, that is only only open from 11am to 3pm on weekdays. I ate fried herring, with mash potatoes and lingonberry sauce (£6).


12:54 – Fried herring with mash potato and lingonberry sauce from Strommingsluckan