Introduction: El Camino De Santiago

London to Lisbon via El Camino De Santiago

22/08/2015 to 08/10/2015

El Camino De Santiago, translates as The Way Of St James, is a centuries old pilgrimage to the alleged burial site of St James. The burial site is supposedly at a cathedral in Santiago De Compostela. The pilgrimage has the specific finishing point, however it does not have a required starting point. There are numerous routes starting at various points across Europe, including France, Portugal, England and Germany. I have chosen to do the most popular route, known as El Camino Frances (The French Way). This route starts at St Jean Pied De Port, a town in France close to the Spanish border, and is approximately 500 miles to Santiago De Compostela, with an additional 50 miles to the ocean. I am not religious, therefore my preferred destination is the ocean. The idea of walking from France, all of the way across Spain, and finishing at the Atlantic Ocean, and walking until I can walk no further, that is my target.

I am doing this pilgrimage with an Australian friend called Jon. I met Jon on a group tour in Poland in December 2007, and I have since met up in 10 countries across 3 continents. We have discussed this trek for a while now, and decided on September as it is just outside of the peak season, and I imagine that my hayfever would make it more difficult if I did it during Spring. I am technically Christian, but I do not practice religion at all. I was attracted to this pilgrimage, solely as a different way to travel, by foot, as opposed to public transport that I use frequently. It also seems to be sociable, which would be good. In addition to El Camino De Santiago, I will be completing London, England to Lisbon, Portugal, using overland travel.

I will break down all of my expenses, to demonstrate how a longer trip, can be low in cost.

Exchange Rate: £1.00 = €1.40


My hiking boots, and backpack, ready for El Camino De Santiago