U.A.E: A Christmas Abroad – Dubai, 2013

24/12/2013 to 25/12/2013

Dubai for Christmas 2013 was my first destination on my 4th extended trip, visiting and staying with my friend Samara, whom I met on my 1st trip.

The morning of Christmas Eve was spent on a beach, overlooking Burj Al Arab. The day was cold for Dubai, however still warm enough to go for a swim, while Samara made a snowman out of sand. The afternoon was spent at a bar overlooking Atlantis Hotel on the Palm. At night we went to an Irish pub where I met a group of people who were all expats in the city.


Sandman and Burj Al Arab, Dubai, U.A.E.

Christmas Day, started with a morning of Christmas songs from YouTube, while I started drinking early thanks to my Christmas present of a selection of beers. In the afternoon we went to a Christmas brunch out by the airport. We joined one of Samara’s friends along with a group of air stewards and stewardesses from Emirates airlines. The consisted of a buffet of three courses, as well as free alcoholic beverages between 1pm and 4pm. Although we didn’t arrive to around 2pm due to difficulty getting a taxi, I was still determined to get my money’s worth. The food was delicious, with a mixture of everything, I had curry on the same plate as my Christmas turkey, and could’ve filled up just on all the different desserts. Getting close to the 4pm cut off for free booze, we stocked up. At 4pm I had to glasses of sparkling and two glasses of rum and coke. By about 5pm we had finished our drinks, and moved to the bar upstairs, but seemed more like a cheesy night life in England. It seemed strange to be in such a club, at 5pm, in Dubai, on Christmas Day. Needless to say we didn’t go on too late into the night, and was back by around 8pm ready to sleep.


Christmas dinner in Dubai, U.A.E.