Frequently Asked Questions

Travellings 04173

What is your name?


Where are you from?

Essex, close to London in England.

As in ‘The Only Way Is Essex’?

Yes, and no I don’t watch it, and thanks for saying that I’m not like the people in the show.

Where have you been?

North America across Canada, USA and Mexico, Central America down to Costa Rica, all over Australia and New Zealand, a few Pacific Island nations, South-East Asia, China across to India via Tibet, Russia, Brazil, and a lot of Europe during holidays.

Where haven’t you been?

Africa, Antarctica, the Caribbean, and I’ve only been to Brazil in South America.

What has been your favourite place?

This is always a difficult question, as depends on mood and what you’re looking for. I commonly say that my two favourite countries so far have been Guatemala and Iceland. I say these answers due to the adventures I had there, such as barbecuing a marshmallow on volcanic lava and caving while in Guatemala, and seeing the Northern Lights, riding a snow-mobile on a glacier, and scuba diving between tectonic plates in Iceland. My favourite cities include London, Barcelona, Melbourne and San Francisco.

How can you afford to travel so much?

I am good at saving money, and careful with research when travelling so I don’t pay more than I have too. I am also comfortable with living on a small budget when travelling. I’d rather 1 month away on a budget, than a big weekend away splashing the cash.

What was your job?

Banking, but only customer services. Basically being shouted at by customers over the phone.

Why the name ‘Travelian’?

I chose the name as a kind of made up job title for myself, which also contains my first name, much like: electrician, technician and magician.